65% of the population are putting their health at risk by delaying treatment due to cost. Could you be one of them?

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8 months ago

A nationwide study of over 1,000 Australian men and women aged 18-64 years has found 86% of Australians have felt confused about healthcare, believe healthcare is expensive (90%) and don’t understand why medical costs are so high in Australia (79%).

It also found that 65% of Australians are potentially putting their health at risk by delaying treatment due to cost. 

If that surprises you, see what else Australians have to say…

It’s difficult to find quality health care

More than half (57%) of Australians believe it’s difficult to find quality healthcare and the majority (71%) wish it were easier to seek second opinions. 

Healthcare is confusing 

Only 64% of Australians were aware that the cost for the same healthcare treatment can vary in location. On top of that, 79% of Australians don’t understand why medical costs are so high in Australia, with 58% confused about the final out of pocket expenses they will incur for a treatment after claiming with their health insurer and Medicare. 

Australians are willing to travel for better healthcare
The survey also revealed that the majority of Australians (79%) would be willing to travel outside their local area to access medical services if it meant they received better quality and more affordable prices, while half (51%) would be willing to travel interstate.

There are many benefits of gaining control over your healthcare
81% of Australians would like more control over their healthcare, and the vast majority of the population (93%) believe there are benefits to be gained from having more control. 

With rising costs of healthcare in a challenging economy, it’s hard to seek second medical opinions without spending a lot of time and money. Locating a quality provider shouldn’t have to be that difficult – and now it doesn’t have to be with TENDER. 

Post your case on TENDER HEALTHCARE today and engage directly with providers, finding the right mix of price and expertise, straight from your device.

Patients post your case on Tender Healthcare today and compare Providers and prices straight from your device.

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