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9 months, 3 weeks ago

Taking care of your children’s teeth early on will ensure a beautiful smile – and fewer cavities for life. A few simple tips will make brushing fun and help teach them proper dental care techniques. 

Make it fun! 

There are some fantastic apps available that will help foster great brushing habits as well as making it enjoyable and exciting. Children can choose their favourite animal to brush along with, earn rewards or points for brushing for a certain amount of time and there are even adventure apps to gamify the brushing experience and save the world! 

One awesome product to increase the fun of brushing, while also teaching good brushing technique, is PlaqueHD toothpaste (   This is a toothpaste that has a built-in plaque disclosing agent which turns any plaque on the teeth GREEN!  All the kids must do is to, “see the green and brush it clean”.

Cut back on sugar 

Sugary drinks such as juice and soft drink contribute to tooth decay and can damage your child’s oral health. Although it’s a challenge to completely cut these drinks, they should be considered a ‘sometimes’ treats along with lollies, chocolate and other high sugar snacks.  

Even the natural sugars in milk can be damaging to children’s teeth, so never leave your baby with a bottle of milk to suckle on overnight as this can lead to tooth decay.

Drink water 

The fluoride in tap water strengthens teeth and helps fight tooth decay and cavities – making drinking water one of the easiest ways to contribute to good oral health! Plus, water can help wash away food, sugar and bacteria from your teeth. 

Get regular check-ups

It’s important that your child receives regular, six-monthly dental check-ups to ensure they are professionally cleaned and checked for decay. The earlier decay or cavities are detected, the better for the longer-term health of teeth and gums. You should be taking your child to the dentist every six months from the appearance of the first tooth. 

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