The importance of second opinions in Healthcare

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9 months, 2 weeks ago

It’s common to seek a second opinion in many aspects of your life – including your clothing choices, buying a car, seeking out a mortgage for the first time or looking for insurance. But have you ever considered a second opinion when it comes to your health? Our research shows that about only half of Australians have sought a second opinion about a health issue they or a close family member/child was experiencing.

As a patient, you are completely in control of your health and have the right to seek a second opinion if you feel as though the advice you’ve received isn’t right for you. Health professionals are here to help you and collaborate with you on your health needs, and your opinions need to be valued. 

Patients can seek second opinions for a range of reasons including cost, diagnosis, location, or even communication style. It may be useful to have a fresh pair of eyes on an issue. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about asking for a second opinion, check out our tips below. 

Explore your options 

You can always ask your healthcare professional to discuss your treatment options with you before directly prescribing you with a treatment. It can be very useful to be given all the tools to explore treatment options and do your own research before committing to anything – especially if you are dealing with a complex diagnosis. 

Be open with communication 

It may give you peace of mind to let your health provider know that you will be seeking a second opinion. Of course, you are not obliged to, but most healthcare professionals appreciate your honesty and just want you to be happy with your health outcomes. 

Explore all the ways you can get a second opinion

The downside to receiving a second opinion is that it can sometimes be costly and time- consuming. One way you can receive several second opinions is through an online platform. TENDER HEALTHCARE is an online platform where you can post the health service you are looking for and have providers of that service respond directly to your case. This way, you can compare providers and price all from the comfort of your device. 

Visit www.tenderhc.comto post your own TENDER today.  

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