Unhappy with your smile? Cosmetic dentistry might help

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9 months, 2 weeks ago

Your smile is an important part of you. If you aren’t happy with your teeth it can sometimes make you incredibly self-conscious. However, there is now a range of procedures you can get at your dentist that may give you confidence to smile more. 

Teeth whitening 

Probably the most common cosmetic procedure at the dentist is teeth whitening, or bleaching, resulting in a whiter smile. Teeth whitening can be performed in the dentist’s chair, or via a take-home kit. It’s highly effective and can give you that whiter, brighter smile you’ve always wanted!

However, teeth need to be thoroughly checked prior to teeth whitening to ensure they are healthy enough to accommodate the procedure.   Be sure to only undergo teeth whitening procedures with your dentist who can closely monitor the treatment.


Veneers are a great treatment option if you have damage such as cracks, poor enamel or gaps in between teeth. Veneers are usually made from a ceramic material and are made to look as natural as possible. This may be an option for you if you are looking to solve numerous cosmetic problems with your teeth, such as shape, size and colour.

Gum contouring 

This might be a new procedure to you, but if you are not happy with the appearance of your gums, consider it.  For example, if you feel your gums cover too much of your teeth (AKA a ‘gummy smile’) or are uneven, you can have them reshaped or contoured. Before considering gum contouring it’s best to speak to a dental professional to see if it’s a procedure that is right for you. 

Invisible Braces 

Braces are not just for teenagers! A large part of the adult population get braces, and can feel self-conscious with a mouth full of metal.   Enter invisible braces – braces that are hidden and still fix your smile. Invisible braces do come at a higher cost, but you may be more comfortable with the look and feel throughout the treatment.

Next Step

Looking at getting some cosmetic dentistry done? We know that it can sometimes be hard to know where to find a cosmetic dentist and that costs can vary. 

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