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Why Tender Healthcare?

Most people search for value when spending money, yet value isn't based solely on price. Rather, value means getting the quality that you want at a fair and affordable price.

As the debate about the financial sustainability of our healthcare system continues, very little actually ever changes, with aspects of the system becoming more antiquated by the day and, many times, falling well behind other industries and professions in terms of service delivery and the provision of real value. It is time for Healthcare providers and patients to reflect on the important contribution each can make in the delivery of better value healthcare. By engaging each other through new technologies and platforms, providers and recipients of healthcare can ensure a sustainable system that provides greater access, choice and value.

The provision of healthcare is getting more competitive. With more Providers entering the market, healthcare businesses are struggling to attract new patients to their services by traditional means and need to start looking further afield to expand their reach.

One of the major problems is that when we choose a community in which to lay down our practice roots, we effectively lock our business in to the demographics and characteristics of that area. Physical location heavily influences every aspect of our clinical practice – from how many patients we have through to the type of treatments we can offer. Being "local" and only marketing to and engaging Patients from the local area, is limiting our success!

A given location can only cater to a specific and very small cross-section of the populace, compared with the larger population of the state or entire country. TENDER enables Providers to expand their business horizons by locating & engaging directly with Patients from across town, or around the country, who are actively seeking the services you offer and are willing to travel for the quality, affordable care that you can provide and that may not be available to them locally.

By casting a wider net and being able to simply and easily access an entirely new pool of Patients from the convenience of a computer screen or phone, we can achieve a low-cost, focused marketing spend. This adds revenue and patient flow to our business that would never have been possible before.

Any innovation that strengthens an individual patient's ability to overcome limitations; finding quality, affordable healthcare; while at the same time serving to strengthen our healthcare businesses; is worthy of support.

About Us

TENDER HEALTHCARE is the brainchild of an entrepreneurial group of forward thinking health practitioners, who are passionate about disrupting the status quo in the, often antiquated, healthcare industry.

TENDER’s vision is to create a system where patients and providers work together, through enhanced online access and communications, to overcome shared obstacles and achieve sustainable solutions for quality, affordable healthcare, for the benefit of all.

Online marketplaces are technology platforms connecting service providers to consumers who are actively seeking the service – simply, conveniently and instantly.

They remove the last remaining physical barriers of time and place, allowing more streamlined transactions to occur securely online and they are transforming and disrupting traditional service models across hundreds of industries – saving everyone time and money.

TENDER brings this approach to finding quality healthcare and is a privately-owned entity, not affiliated with any insurance company or government agency.

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